Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I access my subscription on all my devices (ie. phone, tablet, iPad, etc.)?

A. Your subscription is linked to your Apple ID. Once logged in on a new device, click restore purchases and re-enter the Apple ID and password that you used when subscribing.

Q. How do I do join a READwithME session?

A. Once you get the 4 digit code from your reading partner, go to the Menu in the upper left hand screen and click "Join a READwithME". When prompted, enter the code and you will be added to the reading session with your partner. Happy Reading!

Q. Does my READwithME code change?

A. No, we've kept things simple! You will have the same READwithME code for each device.

Q. How do I invite someone to join a READwithME session?

A. Select a book and click "ReadwithMe". We'll send you a four digit code that you can send to your reading partner. Your partner will be able to join your session once they click on Menu and "Join a ReadWithMe". They will then be prompted to enter the code you provided. Both you and your partner will need to have downloaded the StoryTime app to use this feature.

Q. Who can turn the pages during the READwithME?

A.Whoever starts the READwithME session will control the page turns throughout the session. The person who joins a READwithME session can turn the page on their device, but it will not turn the page on their partner's device.

Q. I cannot hear or see the other person during a READwithME.

A. Please check your device settings and make sure that you have given StoryTime access to your microphone and camera. You should be good to go!

Q. How often is the library updated on StoryTime?

A. We have a growing library of thousands of educational and inspirational children's books. We are always adding books to our library, and update bookshelves on a monthly basis to keep the library fresh and interesting for our eager young readers!

Q. When these updates are made, will I still be able to access my "Favorites"?

A. Yes, we'll always keep your favorited reads accessible in your "My Saved Books" bookshelf even if our library has been updated.

Q. Do I have to start a ReadwithMe session to access StoryTime's library of books?

A. No, you do not need to start a ReadWithMe session to read books from our library.

Q. How do I turn a page on my phone vs turning a page on my tablet?

A. For a phone: Swipe your figure across the screen and the page will turn.
For a tablet: If you see an arrow you can touching on the arrow and the page will turn. No arrow? use your finger to turn the page.
All devices: All pages can be turned by touching the far edge of the page.

If we haven't answered your question or if you'd like to share your thoughts about StoryTime, you can contact us via email. You can also find us on Facebook and on Twitter. We'd love to hear from you!