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StoryTime provides users unlimited access to explore, discover, and read the thousands of books in our library for a small monthly fee. Additionally, StoryTime provides the ability for families to come together and enjoy the precious moments of childhood by allowing parents, grandparents, relatives, and friends to read to their children, grandchildren, or loved ones at any time from any place.

  • READwithME®

    The READwithME® feature ensures you and your child will now be able to read books together, no matter how far apart you are. READwithME combines our engaging ebooks with a live video chat, allowing parents to see, hear, and read to their child as if they were there. To fully capture the moments of reading a story together, when you turn the page on your device during a READwithME®, your child's device will also turn to the same page.

  • Thousands of Books

    Our subscription book service allows your child to laugh and learn as they lose themselves in the endless stories available at their fingertips.

  • iOS

    Currently we are only available on iOS, but will be available in Google Play soon

  • Subscription Service

    As a subscriber, you and your child will have access to thousands of books for unlimited reading for a small monthly fee. Your subscription will grant you the ability to install and use StoryTime on four different devices, allowing for family and friends to share thousand's of stories together.

  • Educational

    One of our main goals is to help your child learn. Reading with your child allows you to explain pronunciation, definitions, and use new vocabulary, all while creating a special memory and bond with your child.

  • Children's Books

    It is widely accepted that children who develop early reading skills perform much better in school and standardized tests. That is why our book titles are specifically chosen for children aged 0-12, encouraging them to explore and discover almost any topic of interest.

READwithME feature

How StoryTime Works

About Us

StoryTime was started with the goal of bringing the family back together. Today, everyone works longer hours which include nights and weekends. Many parents are required to travel and cannot be home to spend time with their children. For a child, nothing compares to the familiar face and voice of their parents, especially while spending time apart. All too often, parents are too focused on what they have to do next and forget to take the time to bond with their family. We have given you this time! Our READwithME® option allows families to come together and enjoy the precious moments before their children grow up. Now you can take a 5-10 minute break from your busy day wherever you are (office, airport, hotel) to read a story with your child and say I love you!

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Folds of Honor

We are proud to have partnered with Folds of Honor because we believe in helping those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedom. Folds of Honor provides millions of dollars worth of scholarships to military families. StoryTime will donate a portion of each subscription to Folds of Honor to support our common goal of helping the lives of veterans and their families. Your subscription will not only help your child and family, but also a military family in need.

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